The short version for those with little time…


· Born 20/07/1967 in Ghent, Belgium,
· Lives in Kortrijkse Steenweg 301, 9830 Sint-Martens-Latem,
· More info on,
· Is married and has 2 wonderful sons of 15 and 14,
· Graduated with distinction in Japanese and Chinese at Ghent University, followed by a post graduate,
· Speaks Dutch, English, French, Spanish and German,
· Continued studying in Taiwan and travelled around the globe as a TV presenter and for her voluntary ambassadorship since 1990 for NGO Cunina,
· Worked as a radio and TV presenter at the national Tv chain VRT (,, and the commercial Tv chain VT4 where she had her own radio and TV shows and was a much wanted guest in others. Highlights were the Friday night studio how ‘The Dreamfactory’ where wishes came true and ‘Without a trace’ for which she travelled the globe to reunite people, amongst many others,
· Is an experienced voice over for documentaries, commercials, cartoons and company films,
· Writes books for more then 5 publishing companies, for kids and big kids (= adults) and is a subsidised author, lecturing around the country,
· Writes columns, poetry, theatre plays and journalistic pieces for different media and is a copywriter,
· Has been a local councillor from 2001 and alderman from 2006 until 2012, responsible for education, environment, family issues and World aid,


· Modern languages (high school)
· Eastern Philology (university Ghent)
· Postgraduate Language Control and Business Management (university Ghent)


· Radio host for 10 years at VRT (national broadcasting company)
· Announcer for 10 years at VRT
· Host for 4 years of 'The Dream Factory', reporter for travel show at VRT, host for lots of shows at VRT: royal weddings, sports and charity shows, Eurovision Emissions, game shows etc
·  Presenter of 'Missing' at VT4 (commercial chain)

. Journalist for the written press for several magazines
· Writer since childhood but officially since 1990


· "Goddess of the Cradle", 1990, Standaard Uitgeverij:
   8 short stories on children in the third world, based on travels
· "The Other World", 1999, Standaard Uitgeverij and The House of Books:
   first book in a series on Remi and Lamya
· "The Blue Temple", 2001, The House of Books: second adventure of Remi and Lamya
· "The Lost Head", 2002, The House of Books: third adventure
· "Upside Down Land", 2003, The House of Books: fourth adventure

. "The Underwatervulcanoes", 2007, The House of Books: fifth adventure 

. "Mijn beste vriend woont op Mars", 2008, De Eenhoorn, picture book 1

. "Ik vlieg naar Mars", 2009, De Eenhoorn, picture book 2

. "23 Augustus", 2009, Linkeroever Uitgevers, novel


· Member of the local councel since 2000
· Godmother of Cunina, third world organisation since 1990
· Godmother of BIL, improvisation theatre since 1995
· 'voice' for documentaries, publicity…
· speaker in schools, libraries…
· moderator for debates and presenter for private shows and initiatives…


The Long version for those with more time…


The Beginning…

Sabine was born on July 20th somewhere on the better side of the 1990's, a Cancer, and in Chinese astrology a Goat.
Until she was four years old she lived in Lochristie, a little own in Belgium where her parents had a butchery. Her father always was a butcher as his father before him, her mother worked as a seamstress, than helped in the butchery until she got very ill. Because of that Sabine stayed an only child. Maybe that's why she always dreamed of having a big family with lots of parties. She now has two boys: Indiana and Noah and one Godchild in Nepal: Bhuwan. In her heart there's room for loads of kids…

She then moved to Sint Amandsberg, a village nearby where she stayed until the age of 22. She went to the catholic girls school, went to the local youth movement and sang in the church choir where she met her first boyfriend…no more church choir. Her room in the apartment overlooked Campo Santo, a well-known cemetery. She spends hours looking at it. Especially in fall when she got a good view when the leaves fell. Years later, she would use the thoughts she had in those moments for poems used in an exposition, "Cemetery Blues", and for her first youth novel: "The Other World".
When she wasn't musing on astronomy, death and her awakening love life, she was a perfectly normal girl. She went swimming with her friends, was quite a good gymnast and played ball. In fact, she tried almost everything in the following years: diving, parachute jumping, ULM, it, she tried it.

Her studies…

When she was 15, she changed schools. The catholic system didn't become her and she didn't become the system. So after a little detour to yet anothe school, she finally went where she alwaus wanted to go: the Royal Atheneum in Ghent where she finished her high school, department Modern Languages. She took French, English, Spanish and German. History and geography got her full attention, science was more of a struggle.

And then the big adventure: university. Sabine spend five years at the State University of Ghent. The first four years she was awarded her licentiate in Eastern Philology which she finished with honour. The studies included Chinese and Japanese, the culture, religions, history…combined with Western Literature, Historic Criticism etc. She was a dedicated, interested student who sang in the Eastern African Circle, went to as many parties as possible, asked the questions she wanted to be answered and even enjoyed the long hours behind her desk.
Together with a friend she went to Taipei in Taiwan on a scholar ship to study Chinese, travelled all around China afterwards and then relaxed for a week on the Maldives. Life can be an struggle...

All those years she also worked: as a model, as a hostess, selling newspapers at night at the Gentse Feesten, selling french fries at fairs, waitressing….She was a scholar student but the scholar ship was not sufficient. She now says she is very happy she had to work from such early age, she learned about the value of money, she learned you don't get anything if you don't work hard, she learned to persevere, accept criticism and do four different things at the same time.
She decided to take a postgraduate on Language Control and Business Management at University. That included a practical in a big company. She chose a large publishing company of magazines and newspapers. Work was from eight until five. For every break a siren went off, every morning she had to enter with a badge: one minute late was one hour not paid. It was horror to her. She then decided she never, ever, wanted to work nine to five. It just didn't work for her. She needed mere freedom.

Meanwhile her love life took her to Marbella in Spain where she spend every holiday. At night she worked as an events coordinator in a big discotheque, during daytime she sold bikinis on the beach, Marbella is an expensive place…But the fairytale ended and she went to a kibbutz in Israel to think about life. The no-money-society fitted her well. She worked in the banana and avocado plantations, helped out in the kitchen and just enjoyed life after hours on the beach. She then knew she wanted to travel around the world.


In 1990 the VRT (Flemish Radio and Television Broadcasting Company) selected her to participate in a talent show. She ended up number four and attracted the attention of a radio producer. Three months later she became the presenter of a very popular Wednesday afternoon radio show called Villa Musica. That was the start of an impressive radio and TV career.
One year later she started as an announcer on TV. Because she didn't fit in anywhere and was quite different from the rest, she involuntarely caused a lot of commotion.
Another year later she co-presented a very popular TV show called The Dreamfactory on Friday evenings, a show that made people's dreams come true. She loved doing that show and did it for 4 years. Meanwhile she also worked as a reporter for a TV travel magazine, as a host for several big TV shows, as a journalist, as a singer and as a host at many private organisations. The radio work also continued. She worked seven days a week for years. And she loved it.
Because of her two kids, Noah followed Indiana in1998, and her career as a writer, she had to slow down a little. She presented "Missing" on the commercial network VT4, a program that helps reunite people all over the world. She was and still is, the voice of several documentaries and cartoons.

She also entered the local political elections in 2000 and won. Since 2006 she got an upgrade to Commoner, especially busy with Environment, Education, Family and Development. National propositions came but are -until now- politely rejected. But never say never…


In 1991 a woman came up to her to talk about Cunina, an organisation that helps children in developing countries. She was so overwhelming, Sabine accepted to be the godmother. And she still is. Marlon was the first of thousands of children to get financial aid from Belgium. He became her godchild. She visited him once when she was travelling through the Philippines for Cunina. He now is a computer specialist, married and the proud father of a beautiful boy. Marlon didn't need her anymore, so Bhuwan came into the picture, an AIDS orphan living on the slopes of Makalu Mountain in the Nepalese Himalayan. He now is a 13 year old boy, living in Cunina Hostel and doing fine.

Together with Sophie Vangheel, the founder and inspirer, Sabine went to Haiti, Congo, the Philippines, Brazil, Nepal and South Africa several times, wrote articles about it and the books 'Godin van de Wieg" and "In Amerika...". 

She handles the press, gets on stages, lends he voice, writes articles... whilst others do the real job...


1997 was a turning point in her life. She gave birth to her first son, Indiana on September 4th , bought a house, and published her first book at the same time: "Godness of the Cardle", based on her travels for Cunina. A book with 8 short stories, each telling the life of a child in a third world countrie. Critics and readers were very positive which led to a second book in 1999, something completely different: this time fantasy ruled!
Twelve year old Remi and his beloved Lamya meet 6 crazy living dead on a cemetery and have adventures together in "The Other World". Again the readers, young ànd old, wanted more.
In 2001 "The Blue Temple" is published. The second adventure of the crazy bunch, this time a kidnapping in India.
In 2002 "The Lost Head" plays in South Africa and 'Upside Down Land" (2003) even in a imaginary world, the world of the Bermuda Triangle. "The Underwatervulcanoes" , the fifth book, is the scariest with hide and seeks on warships and explorations deep in the ocean…
She often publishes short stories on demand, poetry, articles etc. Also writing picture books is fun to her and in 2009 her first novel is published: "23 august", unfortunately not yet available in English. We'll keep you posted when that happens!